This document defines the conditions for receipt and processing of personal data by the copyright holder of the site – the Operator.

Use of the Site by the User means Consent to this Privacy Policy and the terms of processing the User’s personal data. In case of disagreement with the terms of the User’s Privacy Policy must stop using the site.

The user agrees to the Operator to process his personal data with the following conditions:

1. This Consent is given to processing of personal data, both without the use of automation tools, and with their use.

2. Agreement is given to the processing of the following personal data: last name, first name, patronymic, telephone number, e-mail address. The User confirms that all the data indicated by him belong to him personally.

3. Processing of personal data is carried out in order to use the Site’s Services by the User, including but not limited to the following: online call-back ordering service, online posting service of the issue, as well as ensuring communication with By the user through the personal (contact) data provided by the User.

4. During the processing of personal data, the following actions can be taken: receiving, entering, collecting, organizing, collecting ix personal data, including from authorized third parties; storage, deletion of personal data (in electronic form and on paper); clarification (update, change) of personal data; the use of personal data in connection with the services provided; transfer of personal data of the subject in the prescribed manner via the internal or external network via secure communication channels, on tangible media; blocking; destruction.

5. The operator has the right to entrust the processing of User’s personal data to third parties (subject to the confidentiality of personal data, as well as provided that it does not violate the legal rights and interests of the User and the provisions of the current legislation of the Russian Federation). Third parties, attracted by the Operator, process the User’s personal data provided by the Operator, in the amount, with the purposes and methods established by this Agreement.

6. This Agreement applies to all information that the Operator can receive about the User during his use of the Site.

7 . Consent to the processing of personal data is valid from the moment the User provides the Operator with his personal data until he reaches the purposes of processing personal data.

The agreement may be revoked Uteem send a user an e-mail to E-mail Operator to request a review of Concord.

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